Two photographs of New York on an interior wall
Two photographs of New York on an interior wall

We bring beauty into your home

Exclusive fine art, custom framed and delivered to your door

At Four Corners we’re passionate about helping you enjoy the inspiring beauty of art and photography in your home. 

2020 was a challenging year for many people; we spent more time than ever in our homes. Many people moved to new cities and communities. We all want to create homes and living spaces where we can thrive; sometimes this feels like a daunting task. Four Corners brings together an exclusively curated collection of beautiful images, framed and ready to be added to your home.

We curate a collection of images that we believe are not only beautiful to us but hope that they also enhance your life and your home.

"Through the pursuit of beauty, we shape the world into a home"

- Roger Scruton

David Chang

David is a New York City based artist blurring the lines between western calligraphy and contemporary art. His work has appeared in numerous shows and institutions, including the Onishi Gallery, Pratt Institute, and Waterfall Mansion and Gallery.

Anthony Batista

Anthony is a photographer and director based in New York City. For 15 years he has been working with top actors, models and artists and is known for his images that are both iconic and timeless. His photography has been featured in Interview Magazine and Italian Vogue. 

Hand Crafted in Brooklyn

Every frame is made to order and handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York with high quality, durable materials to make sure every work of art ordered will stand the test of time.

Perfectly Paired Frames

We’ve worked hard to ensure that frame color options and mattes are optimized for each piece of art. One of our black, white or silver frames will perfectly blend with the color palette of your living space.